About Us

Bianca Marton is living her dream and making delicious chocolates. It’s been a long journey, but she’s finally found what makes her happy and fortunately for us, it’s something that makes everyone happy. She makes the most fantastic chocolate creations.

She left her native Hungary in the late 90s and has lived with her family in West London ever since. She worked for Glaxo Smith Kline in the big glass building on the A4.

Some years ago she took redundancy to become a business coach. It was going well and she helped her clients to live their dream, but after two years she realised that she wasn’t living her own dream. She was a great business coach, but it wasn’t what she loved.

So she coached herself. ‘What do you really love doing Bianca?’ she asked herself, but probably in Hungarian. To find the answer she had to go back to her university days.

Growing up in communist Hungary, there were few options of where to study. It was Hungary, Poland, Soviet Union or East Germany. Bianca opted for East Berlin for reasons she finds now difficult to explain. The city and the university turned out to be grey and bleak and not like home.

To cheer herself up she bunked off lessons, particularly political economics and made cakes. She baked like her mother had taught her when she was little. The smells of the mouth-watering Hungarian recipes attracted a stream of friends to her door. One visitor Tibor was so keen that she married him.

Bianca decided after giving up corporate life that she wanted to experience that satisfaction she’d experienced in East Berlin of making people happy again. She started making chocolates in her home kitchen. The reviews were fantastic, especially for the dairy free ones she made for her brother and his family who are dairy intolerant.

The chocolates sold very well at Camden, Richmond and Brentford markets and after three years Bianca needed to expand, as she’d outgrown her home kitchen. Fortunately making chocolates makes you very popular with your friends and neighbours. Writer and broadcaster Jeremy Nicholas liked her sea-salted caramels so much, he decided to make her a Dragon’s Den style offer. He bought a share of the business allowing Bianca to open a chocolate shop in Brentford, where she now makes all the chocolates on the premises.

Jeremy, a renowned after-dinner speaker now gives talks on chocolate and how it’s made. Tibor is chief chocolate taster and takes his work very seriously. And Bianca is living her dream of making people happy by creating gorgeous artisan chocolates.