Amaretto Truffles

Amaretto Truffles

The distinctive almond flavour of Amaretto liqueur makes these truffles especially delicious. The truffles are rolled in crushed toasted almond. The softness of the ganache and the crunchiness of the outside create a very enjoyable contrast.

Dairy free, suitable for Vegans. 

Contains alcohol and nuts.

Our truffles are freshly made without any artificial preservatives, and are best enjoyed fresh. If you are ordering your chocolates in advance for a specific date, please give us your required delivery date in the "Ordering for a specific date?" section below.

For more information about shelf life,  ingredients and nutritional values as well as potential allergens please visit the About Our Chocolates page.

Single truffle orders will be packed in beautiful, clear-faced Kraft bags, or in some other appropriate way depending on the order size.

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