Baubles - Luxury Advent Calendar

Baubles - Luxury Advent Calendar

A very impressive gift, and a fine indulgence. 24 fine chocolate half-baubles, each containing one of our favourite truffles, pralines and creams. They are individually hand-decorated and numbered, and provide you with a decorative and delicious Advent period.
Dairy free, Vegan

Box size: 420 x 300 mm, each half-bauble is 2" (50 mm) in diameter. 
Please place your box on a horizontal surface. The baubles are not attached to the box, they will lift out easily.
Your baubles contain fresh truffles, pralines and creams, all made without preservatives. Each kind of chocolate has a different shelf-life, some shorter, some longer. You will find a few shorter shelf-life truffles at the beginning of the Advent period. Therefore, to avoid disappointment it is advisable to follow the numbering.

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