Making 100% Chocolate Truffles

We've been running experiments with 100% chocolate for some time, and they are great, especially the shards. 

Now we also have a 100% truffle,  that is actually delicious. The ganache is made with 100% dark chocolate and coconut cream ( so it is dairy free and Vegan), and has a tiny amount of added coconut sugar that takes away the unpleasant edge without adding a huge amount of badly refined sugar. It is piped into very thin 75% chocolate shell, and it is simply delicious.

It took some time though. The first few attempts did not come out the way I had it in mind. The ganache turned out to be rather harsh, the overall effect unpleasant. There is no excuse for bad chocolate, so these truffles got duly discarded, recipes noted with big warning signs so as to not to repeat them. I kept trying different ratios, shapes and shell materials.  

A good start to 2017 with a very low sugar, dairy free truffle! Some more work is needed before production, but this recipe is noted  'to be kept', and include in range! 

Bianca Editor