We don't make sorbet any more... have some cocoa nibs!

We made some lovely dairy free ice creams and sorbets the last two summers. This involved a lot of stuff that we truly love: experimenting with recipes and flavours, finding out about best combinations, and so on. They were lovely. Only, we did not have enough demand for them. So much so, that we ended up eating our excess sorbets for several months after the season. We love them, but too much is too much. Thus we decided that we are not offering them for sale any more. Having got used to them though, we still made some, for old time's sake. A secret stash, just for us. Today this proved a very lucky decision, because we were able to share some of it with the little girl who came in looking for ice cream. While she was enjoying her ice cream, we chatted with her mum, and had a spontaneous tasting session of our chocolates, and the new cocoa nib tablets. Seems that cocoa nibs can offer a real competition to ice cream, even on a hot day.  Good to know that chocolate wins. All is well in our world.

Bianca Editor