Honeycomb Pralines

Honeycomb Pralines

Awarded 2 Stars at the Great Taste 2017 Awards 

Hand-made chocolate shell: 75% single origin Tanzanian Criollo - Trinitario blend.

Centre: fine gianduja (hazelnut and chocolate mix), and our hand-made, natural honeycomb that is made with pure acacia honey. 

Dairy free, made with HONEY

The pure acacia honey used to make the honeycomb for this truffle comes from a Hungarian small bee keeper's farm situated by the river Danube north of Budapest. We are satisfied that both the way the bees are treated, and the quality of the product is up to the high standards that we are proud to represent.  However, we appreciate that honey is not considered Vegan. 

For more information about shelf life,  ingredients and nutritional values as well as potential allergens please visit the About Our Chocolates page.

Single truffle orders will be packed in beautiful, clear-faced Kraft bags, or in some other appropriate way depending on the order size.

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