You may enjoy the small tasting-sized tablets, which is easy to break into your favourite size. They come in a beautiful box, which makes them a great for sharing, or as a present. They will also allow you to keep your chocolates safe until next time.  

76% Brasil - Organic Chocolat Tablets

Vegan, dairy free, organicThe best way to enjoy fine chocolate is by slowly melting a small piece in your mouth. These thin tablets are ideal for that. Break one of the tablets into smaller pieces. Take one of these and put it on your tongue, and allow it to fill your mouth with melted chocolate.  You will experience intense flavours, and lovely aroma.This Brasilian 76% single origin organic dark chocolate will take you on an exciting journey through tropical fruit notes, with hints of cinnamon, melon and strawberry.Boxes measure 67 x 67 x 70 mm.  Min. net weight 70 g.


Cocoa Nib Tablets

Vegan, dairy freeOur new healthy chocolate delight: 75% dark chocolate tablets with high quality, delicious roasted Colombian cocoa nibs. The perfect blend of bitter and sweet.  Irresistible, and good for you.both the lovely single origin Tanzanian dark chocolate, and the Colombian roasted nibs are  made of a blend of the high quality Criollo and Trinitario beans. Cocoa nibs contain cocoa solids and cocoa butter. 75% dark chocolate, contains  cocoa solids and cocoa butter, cane sugar.Boxes measure 100 x 60 x 30 mm, and contain on average 12 chocolate slices. Min. weight/box 70 g.